DENK Waxburner Outdoor Granicium XL

DENK Waxburner Granicium Outdoor XL.

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The Garden Burner for Recycling Candles

With the Waxburner XL you can enjoy light, warmth and a romantic fire in your garden or on your patio or balcony.

The Waxburner XL is operated using wax and is safe and clean. Enjoy the glow of a real fire in your garden with no fumes and no unpleasant aroma.

The Waxburner XL can even be used in strong winds or during winter. It comes ready filled with wax for up to 14 hours of continuous burning. The fibreglass wick in the burner is permanent and does not need to be changed. Simply use candles and left-over wax as fuel. Old wax becomes fire – simply and ecologically.

The Waxburner XL is handmade in Germany from unique Granicium® ceramic granite. A stainless steel lid for extinguishing is included.

Scope of delivery

The Waxburner XL is packed in a gift box and in a transportation box, stainless steel lid and instructions are included.

DENK gives a 15-year warranty on ceramics.

Weights and Measures

28.5cm, x 16.5cm x 11cm [LxDxH], 3.7 kg


– Aroma oils

– Wax tabs for refill

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See for detailed information about Granicium®.