DENK Feurio Fire Pit

The ultimate brazier for fire fans. DENK’s largest brazier combines fire, warmth and light with exceptional design. Feurio is a warm and cosy centrepiece for every garden party, even until the early hours of the morning.

Handmade in Germany with a 15 year warranty on the ceramic, which does not age. Full weather-proof with 304 grade stainless steel.

Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm x 32cm [LxDxH], 33kg



With a diameter of 65cm, Feurio is a brazier on a grand scale. Six fireproof ceramic elements and a base plate are individually integrated into a rustproof, stainless steel frame. The solid elements make Feurio extremely robust and store heat over a very long time. With its large diameter, Feurio is the perfect fire experience for every occasion.


Homemade paella for a large garden party. With Feurio, cooking together becomes a memorable event that guests will always treasure. Put on plenty of wood until the Feurio is 2/3 full with embers. Then put on the optionally available pan and start your outdoor cooking. It is an easy way to cook for up to 20 persons. It doesn’t just have to be paella though. Feurio is great for cooking fish, meat and vegetables.


Feurio has a large diameter so it is easy to remove ash and wood with a dustpan and brush. If necessary, you can remove one of the side parts to sweep out the ash. Wood ashes make excellent fertilizer. Particles may settle on the surface of the rust-proof, stainless steel frame as a result of air pollution or other factors. This can also lead to volatile rust. These surface impurities are easy to remove with a fine sanding sponge.


You can burn any type of wood in the Feurio. The ideal firewood is approx. 20cm long and split. The wood should always be dry and seasoned to avoid smoke. Do not use coated wood, plastics, waste paper or other waste. This could result in toxic smoke and also damage the ceramic.

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