DENK Comfy Brazier

The DENK Comfy Brazier brings light and romance of an open fire to your garden in no time. Mobile and easy to use. Can be used for grilling and frying, too.

The Comfy Brazier is permanently heat-resistant, stores heat for a very long time. It is constructed from a very special material, which is called CeraFlam®, a unique ceramic. This type of ceramic was used by NASA for the Space Shuttle.

Handmade in Germany. 15 Years Warranty. Stainless steel 304 grade. Full outdoor and weather-proof with a ceramic that does not age.

Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm x 46cm [LxDxH], 27.5kg


“Give the people who matter to you the gift of light and warmth. Both luxurious and easy to use, the Comfy Brazier is the perfect gift. A precious accessory that is guaranteed to make someone’s eyes light up.” Jutta Denk


Fire has been part of our civilisation for thousands of years. We often forget its beneficial effect – time flies so quickly that we hardly seem to have a chance to draw a breath.

But as we sit by the glowing embers with good friends or that special someone and watch the flames as they dance, it comes straight back to us – that feeling of security and liveliness that has always given us energy and confidence.

Enjoy this feeling in your garden, on your alfresco or on your patio with the Comfy Brazier. Getting hungry? Just put the matching pan or grill on and prepare delicious food for you or your guests.


The Comfy Brazier is ready for use in a minute. Simply position the frame in the chosen location and assemble the ceramic pieces one by one. With a gently shake the pieces will position themselves.


Special quality comes from a special material. That is why we make the Comfy Brazier from CeraFlam®, our trademark Denk fire ceramic. There is probably no other ceramic material that has such exceptional properties – the perfect combination of natural characteristics and findings from space exploration. CeraFlam® is permanently heat-resistant, stores around 3 times as much heat as steel and does not age. It is no wonder that the recipe is our closely guarded secret and that the Comfy Braziers are exclusively handmade in Germany.” Fabian Denk

Suasana is an official DENK Ceramics retailer.