A little bit of creativity and know-how can go a long way in making a plain space feel like a luxurious masterpiece of a home. It doesn’t take a fortune to create a sense of awe and impress.

Here are 5 tips which will make a huge impact on the “wow factor” of your home…

1. A Designated Entryway

As the wise say, “first impressions are everything.” The first thing anyone sees when entering a home is the entryway. Setting up the area to greet guests as they enter, will create a sense of welcome. Providing a place to take off shoes, hang coats and a rug that beckons “walk this way,” feels welcoming and relaxing.


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2. Proportions

Choosing furniture, rugs, and decorations that are proportionately sound will do wonders in creating the overall vibe of a room. Using a throw rug that fits snugly and incorporates the furniture can make a room feel cosy. Mirrors placed in dark corners or narrow hallways can help improve lighting and create a sense of spaciousness.

3. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial points in creating the ambience of an environment. It’s important to avoid harsh lighting, or annoying fluorescent lighting, in rooms of relaxation. Similarly, it’s a good idea to avoid dim lights in rooms that are meant for productivity, such as an office or kitchen. Dimmer switches for lights are good for a variable atmosphere. Spotlighting which casts lights on artwork or decorations creates a system of accenting and punctuation.

4. Color Schemes

When getting dressed in the morning, you wouldn’t pick an outfit that would have you cited by the fashion police. Much like choosing an outfit, picking a colour scheme for a home should follow similar principles. It’s important for a room to contain elements which flow and blend together nicely. It’s also important to provide accent colours and contrast. Just as it would be strange to wear an entire outfit of one colour, it would also be strange for everything in a room to be only one colour. The colours themselves have effects as well. For instance, yellow is stimulating while blue is calming. There is lots of information about the specific effects of colours on the mood. Choosing the right colours can go a long way in making an environment that is impressive and comfortable.

5. The Minimalist

Any expert or layman on interior design can agree that clutter should be avoided entirely. This idea could be taken a step further in having a minimalist’s approach in décor. Sometimes, less is more. A room that has very few visible decorations and incorporates minimalism as a principle can come off as sleek, clean and vibrant.

Everyone wants a home that makes people say “wow” upon entering. Following the advice in these five points will certainly help create that for you. It may take some experimentation and dabbling, but you’ll be amazed enough to say “wow” yourself when you see just how drastically these simple points can transform the entire look and feel of any given space.

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